How To Use Hookah Foil?

How To Use Hookah Foil?

1. Fill the vase with water, submerging the stems about an inch or so.
2. Stir the tobacco to distribute all the juices evenly.

Gently place it in the bowl so that air can pass through it. Fill it to the rim of the bowl. Don’t worry about the tobacco hitting the hookah foil. Place a small piece of cut hookah foil (use a pre-cut square or circle if you have one) over the bowl and wrap tightly so that it resembles a drum. Now take a hole poke tool (a toothpick works great) and poke some holes in the hookah foil, making sure to poke all the way to the bottom of the bowl. After poking the holes, blow air from the bottom of the bowl. This ensures that it does not block the hole.

3. Now it’s coal.

If you’re using a flash, you’ll need to split the disc coal in half with a knife and hit it with a hammer. Doing this should cut the clean cut in half. If you use natural substances, two types of coals need to be used. For fast lights, I suggest you use a standard lighter and wait until you’re sure you’ve fully lit the coals. You know you have fully lit the coal when you can no longer see the black on the coal. For natural lighting, you should use a coil burner stove or buy a small electric coil burner for $10-20. Make sure you light the coals completely.

4. Coal placement.

Once the coals are fully lit, this is how you put them on the bowl.

Make sure to avoid placing the coals in the middle of the bowl. Placing them on the sides will ensure you get better smoke. Using the grommet, attach the bowl to the top of the hookah, then attach the hose to the hose port. Move the hookah to where you want to smoke. Finally coat with coal.

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