What is hookah foil used for?

What is hookah foil used for?

Hookah foil is a type of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil has a wide range of uses, such as: automotive, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, packaging, printing, construction, air conditioning, heat exchangers, aviation and other industries. The most common use of aluminum foil in our daily life is heat preservation.

What we call hookah foil today is mainly used for smoking hookah. Hookah foil can be pre-cut into blocks or supplied in rolls for human use. Hookah foil that is cut into blocks generally adopts a one-paper-one-foil process, and the foils are separated by paper to avoid adhesion and facilitate access.

What is hookah foil used for?

2 options are available according to customer needs: pre-drilled or without holes. Hole punching reduces preparation time. Easy-tear lines can be added to help users tear easily.

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