Why use special hookah foil when smoking hookah?

Why use special hookah foil when smoking hookah?

Hookah has a history of more than 800 years in Arabia. Throughout this history, hookah brought more than just a superficial cigarette. Let’s put its health and wellness aside. It can be seen from the hookah accessories and assembly methods that the Arabs are meticulous in their pursuit of this smoking enjoyment. Both visually and tactilely, it serves as a fine work of art. From the operation process we can feel its texture. From a taste and hearing point of view, when you inhale it, you can experience its smell and taste, and also hear the babbling of running water. It is an inspiration for countless artists and creators.

But why use a special hookah foil when smoking a hookah?

Before starting to smoke, we wrap the entire ceramic holder with tobacco material and pinch in a special hookah foil and pinch (keep it sealed) in preparation. Then we use a toothpick or one end of a carbon clip to poke some small holes in the tin foil (the diameter of the poke holes is similar to the size of a whole grain of carbon, which makes for a better seal). Then put the hookah charcoal on the tied tin foil hole (the charcoal should not be in direct contact with the fruit smoke material, except for the black smoke material). Finally, we light the shisha charcoal and place it on the tinfoil. The above is the role of the special hookah foil in the preparation.

Wholesale Hookah Foil For Sale In Arabia

The hookah foil for hookah is not paper, but made of high-quality aluminum alloy. After the optimized process is finished rolling, it is softened and sterilized by high temperature annealing. The thickness of the tin foil is about 0.01-0.02MM, the width is 50-450MM, and the length is 3-1500M. It is a commonly used product in barbecue, preservation, freezing, beauty and other industries. When smoking a hookah, use a special hookah foil so that the hookah pieces do not come into direct contact with the hookah charcoal. This can not only ensure that the flue gas is non-toxic and harmless, but also ensure that the taste of the flue gas is not mixed with impurities, and is thicker and purer.

Today, hookah has also become a symbol of high society. Western artists also like to express this exotic imagery in their paintings, with an oriental touch. Although the popularity of shisha in China has only just begun, the popularity of shisha with so many features and mystique is predictable. Invest in hookah foil, what are you waiting for? If you are interested in hookah film, welcome new and old friends to discuss cooperation!

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